Polar Adventure 2019

Complete Set Design, Graphics, Scenic construction and installation supervision.
Progressive Themebooks, visuals and interactive concepts.
(Excluding original Polar Bear/Orca Interactive - Sharp Cookies)

SEA LIFE London Aquarium POLAR ADVENTURE main entrance
An ambitious brief challenged us to try new design ideas, delivering on brand identity and conceiving new visitor experiences.
A new area containing educational and entertaining interactive experiences about conditions and animals at the earth's poles.

General Layout

MEET THE SEALS - Interactive installation.
Appears at first glance to be another tank of live creatures, but it's actually a game environment with lifelike animated seals on various loops. As guests approach the polycarbonate window, some of the animated seals swim over curiously
and come to greet them. Back projected with IR triggers to locate positions of guests.

General View

The project had extremely tight deadlines, complex on site restrictions and technical requirements, which were overcome by extremely hard working and dedicated crews of builders, scenic sculptors, artists and AV specialists and animators.
General view of finished sets

Ice Wall - Refrigerated plate, themed and back lit with front projected interpretation

Scenic construction at the workshops
Three layers of previous sets had to be removed from the site by the builders before we could get back to the walls and measure up to build the scenery. After that, scenic construction work could start in earnest.

On site installation.

Artworking adjustments on site