Interactives and Virtual Environment Creation

I'm extremely interested in creating completely immersive interactive environments.
Tinkering with the game engine Unity has fuelled many new projects.

Set and Interactive design for Sea Life London: "Meet the Seals" 2019.
Appears at first glance to be another tank themed in like the others, but as guests approach the polycarbonate
window, some of the seals swim over curiously and come to greet them.
Concept Design Render:

The seals are accompanied by an underwater soundscape, including some of their beautiful underwater calls.
Back projection, with several Seal animations circling in the middle distance as a randomised holding cycle. IR
beams in the bottom of the screen indicate the position of the guests and the 3D seal animations variously swim
to the positions triggered.

Attraction Photo:

Concept design for Sea Life Busan - Immersive interactive projections.
Building on the projection mapping for the Thames project, I initiated the idea of immersive interactive projections
for the Sea Life Busan "Sea at Night" exhibit.

Concept Design Render

3D Projection Mapped Interactive Set Concepts. Mouse over Slideshow below for captions.

More interactive waves and projected interactive jellyfish in the Jellyfish Room.
...right over your head, landing with a huge splash!
In the Bioluminescent Sea Area waves interact with feet and hands and every four or five minutes a Whale jumps...
But if you startle them they will back away
The Sea Turtles respond to beckoning gestures and will follow you if enticed...
...into Night showing the changes in the Creature's appearances in the dark
The realistically animated projected environment with soundscape cycles from daylight...
Lightly sculpted set with angled planes for 3d Projection Mapping

Firefly Squid follow gestures

Flashlight Fish shoal and sweep around avoiding your hands

Interactive touchscreen Layout and graphics for "Penguin Point" Sea Life London.

Sailing boat tests.

I modelled a real yacht and experimented in Unity Game Engine to make it interactive with some good results..

The Sailing Boat demo was to be part of a whole game with different islands and experiences along the way...

Piazza Project

Another Unity Game I made was based on the Covent Garden venue in London I once modelled up for an Event I designed and which is now an Apple Store

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